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Douglas Peebles - Latest News

AB’s $24.2bn HY team: how to avoid soft closure

Global high yield team addresses the fund’s capacity constraints.

$22.3bn HY team reveals offbeat housing market bet

Citywire + rated manager reveals little followed area of investment making up 10% of giant fund.

How much cash the biggest funds in the world are holding

Citywire Selector delves into the data sheets to uncover how much capital the largest cross-border players are keeping in reserve.

Six takeaways from 2015 bond investors should keep an eye on

Citywire + rated, Douglas Peebles outlines what fixed income investors should learn from this year's challenges.

Heavy hitters in HY: top US managers of the past three years

Citywire Global takes a closer look at which fixed income specialists have stood-out in the turbulent sector.

EMD star: why I'm tapping into Russian sovereign bonds

AllianceBernstein’s Shamaila Khan explains why she has returned to Russia after dropping her exposure to zero last year.

Packing a punch: outperforming blockbuster funds of 2014 revealed

Citywire Global scans the heaviest hitters in our database to uncover which mega-sized strategy produced the strongest performance last year.

EMD star DeNoon: why I've upped my exposure to Indonesia

Positive reform emphasis makes both sovereign and corporate bets attractive, says the Citywire + rated AllianceBernstein manager.

Blockbuster boomers: the fastest growing funds of the past year

Citywire Global takes a closer look at the 20 biggest funds in our system to see how asset levels have changed over the past 12 months.

Blockbusters blown open: how the five biggest funds are faring

Citywire Global reveals how the largest cross-border funds in our database have performed over the past three years.